Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Dodge is the cool company

Dodge is not known for its reliability, like Honda. Dodge is also not known for its luxury, like Mercedes. But what Dodge is known for is the Hellcat, a 6.2L supercharged HEMI V8 that produces a crazy 707hp all for a reasonable price. That is not the only reason why Dodge is a cool company. While its competitors decide to take their muscle cars and turn them into sports cars, Dodge has stayed true to what makes a muscle car a muscle car in every aspect. From the engine, to the looks, to the way it drives Dodge has been able to capture the spirit of the classic muscle car in a new modern way. But this is still not the reason why Dodge is the coolest. The reason Dodge is the cool company is because they listen to their consumers more than anyone. For example Dodge heard people talking about how they wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat and so Dodge is know in the works of making that happen. Now is this a great move in terms of sales? Not really, these will probably be a rare sight on the road. Dodge seems to have that screw-it-lets-do-something-awesome mentality and that's why I think Dodge is one of the coolest companies out there.

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