Sunday, April 24, 2016

The blackhawks might actually survive

After the Blackhawks lost game 4 to St Louis, I was pretty sure the season was over after that I did not expect the hawks to win the next game... but they did. My father and I, both huge Blackhawks fans, were very excited after game 5 when the hawks survived the Blues in St Louis. My father seemed a little more optimistic in the Hawks being able to make it out of round 1 while I thought the Blues would finish the Hawks in game 6. Yesterday while watching game 6 I was astonished at the way the Hawks were playing. It was like watching a different team all together. Throughout the whole season and playoffs, every game between the Blues and the Hawks was a very close game. The Hawks in game 6 obliterated the Blues 6-3. With the Hawks riding on the momentum of two huge wins and the Blues morale low after two huge losses I am very excited for game 7 and the rest of the playoffs.

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