Monday, April 25, 2016

What the Focus RS means for the competition

Ford has released its newest performance car: the Focus RS. The Focus RS is a new hatchback from Ford  that has a very powerful 350hp 2.3l turbo charged 4-cylinder. Ford has used Ken Block, a successful drifter and rally racer, to help design and tune the cars suspension and drive ability. The Focus RS, unlike it ST brother, is 4wd which means it is competing in a very small segment. With the Mitsubishi Evolution dead, the Focus' only competition is the Subaru WRX STI. The STI loses to the ford in power, fuel economy, and interior design.  A new Focus RS will cost you $35,900 while the STI will set you back $34,695. So for customers looking for cars in this segment they can either choose the STI or pay an extra $400 and receive an extra 45hp, 2 more MPG, and have a more comfy interior. Subaru has been using the same engine in the STI for a long time and now with Ford ready to steal all of their customers, I think we will be seeing a more powerful STI coming very soon. Now this is a win-win for everyone because we will be getting a newer STI (finally) and we get the new and proven Ford Focus RS. Competition is always good.

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