Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Volvo's top 3 coolest (in my opinion) safety features

Volvo has always been a brand with safety as a number one priority. The amount of memes comparing Volvo's to tanks and trains is endless. No one really thinks of safety as being cool but Volvo has made some really interesting inventions that will ensure you will make it out of any trouble you happen to find yourself in.

1. RUN OFF ROAD PROTECTION- the run off road protection that is offered on the new XC90 is a really cool system that is designed to protect passengers when they are driving fatigued or tired. The system has a lane keep assist making sure the driver stays in his lane. If the driver begins to fall asleep the car will alert the driver and also show directions to the nearest rest stop. If these systems manage to fail the new XC90 can sense when the driver leaves the road and will tighten the seat belts holding the passengers in their seats. Volvo also added energy absorbing materials to the seat frame which well help reduce spinal injuries.

2. PRE -CRASH PROTECTION IN REAR IMPACTS- Volvo knows that it is hard to see a crash coming, especially one in the back. Volvo, with its use of cameras and sensors around the car, have made a system that could potentially decrease the damage done to passengers when the car is hit in the rear. When the car senses an impending collision it will automatically tighten the seat belts, apply the brakes, and begin to flash the hazard lights.

3. PEDESTRIAN AIRBAG- This is a bit of an older system that was introduced in 2012. What the system does is if a pedestrian does not look both ways and is struck by a Volvo the car will release airbags to protect the unlucky pedestrian. This system works by having airbags inside the A-pillar of the car and when the car realizes that it has hit a pedestrian and not a vehicle it will deploy the airbags on the outside.This is a really great system that can save many lives

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