Sunday, April 24, 2016

Explaining my interest in cars

Cars have always been an interest of mine. whether it was playing with toy cars when  was 4 or driving around in my car right now at 18, it is a topic i have always enjoyed. Cars are a great way to help me deal with stress. Just going out for a drive at night on a fun road can help you clear your mind of all the troubles in life. To me and to many others cars are like a pet. Car guys take care of their cars greatly. I remember doing research on different types of gas stations to make sure that i picked the best gas for my car. I have friends who have bought what others might view as "undesirable" and but a lot of time, money, and love into their cars and now drive something that they are proud of. The car community, for the most part, is a great community that appreciates the way everyone expresses their individuality through their cars. The amount of friendships that i have built over the years through our common interest in cars has been great. So, this is why I love cars. It might be an expensive hobby but its worth it.

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