Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reflection on my paper

Originally i was not that excited to write this paper, but after finally deciding on  a topic the paper came pretty easily to me. The design plan i originally created was a good starting point and helped me write my paper with a clear idea on how i wanted to structure my paper. The first draft peer review was helpful in helping me find out what needed to be improved and what i did not want in my paper. Same thing goes for the second draft review. Writing my final paper was really just tweaking some things that needed to be changed and adding or moving things around to help the paper flow. I thought that this whole writing process was going to be terrible but it turned out to be pretty easy. By doing this my original design plan was completely different from what my final paper was. My design plan had to be redone to conform to what my paper was. Some of the changes that i did were throw out some ideas i intended on including but later realized that this idea was not going to flow as nicely as others.
I think i accomplished my goal in writing this paper which was to inform people that the notion that money will not make us happy. I think my paper thoroughly explained this idea is false through some psychological evidence and my experience with a man who had next to nothing. Also i think through my synthesis on how the man fit into the hierarchy of needs was also a very useful tool in accomplishing my goal because it brought the two ideas together.

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