Tuesday, February 9, 2016

a small truth that i have realized and free writing

Earlier today in my philosophy class we were discussing the concept of are our believes real or true. this discussion led to some interesting topics on what we perceive to be factual is merely a concept that we have created. for example one of these ideas we discussed was math. Many believe that 1+1=2. this is just a concept that we have created over time and one that society has claimed to be true. I am not talking about the fact that if you have one pen and you pick up another pen then you have 2, but what i am talking about is the concept of 1 and 2. this concept and belief in these numbers was accepted by many different societies over long periods of time. other beliefs that created a sense of doubt was that with reality. How do we know that we are actually in that place that we are? how do we know that we aren't at home in bed, sound asleep dreaming of all of this. The only true way to know is when you wake up and realize that it was just a dream, but then how do you know that you haven't just started your dream?

What does it mean when i say that money cant buy happiness?
money cant buy you happiness is a popular saying in today's  society and everyone understands its meaning, yet people still talk about and dream about how happy they would be if they could win the lottery or become rich in some other way. then one begins to look at those people who were lucky enough to have bought the ticket with the same numbers that popped up on that screen later that night and there lives are turned upside down and the become some of the most miserable people. then you look at people who live in poorer countries who have a smile from ear to ear when they get a new soccer ball or they get a free drink. there are people out there who lose their friends and family to greed and lust and then end up depressed. There are those that don't have much and enjoy life every day with the people they love. money is just a fabrication that has no real value except for that the government gives it. money can buy you fake friends and fake relationships with those relationships only being based on how much money you have. i would rather keep my life the way it is with all my friends and my family wanting to spend time with me for who i am not for what i have.

believing in money being able to buy happiness is like believing that you can pass a class without ever studying. many people understand that money cant buy you happiness yet still lust after it. The same goes for those who understand that they will fail a class if they don't study yet choose to not study and lust for that A.

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