Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes

In my explanatory paper i plan to explain what people can expect to see what cars of the future will look like. I will specifically be looking at the possible motors that cars will most likely have in the future. There are three main types that oi will look at; electric, bio-fuel, and hybrid. I would also touch on the topic of performance cars as that is something many car enthusiasts are worried about.

My first source talks about the Tesla Model S. Tesla Motors has been the leader in electric car manufacturing. They have been nearing the ability to perfect the batteries to get a good range and they have been able to speed up the charging process for the batteries.

my second source talks about the different bio-fuels that are available. It talks about how we can make fuel out of food scraps. Most notably the type of bio-fuel we see is E85 which is a 85% mixture of Ethanol, derived from corn or soybeans, and 15% gasoline. In the article it also states that they can make jet fuel out of food and that this process will soon be very beneficial to the environment.

My third source talks about the BMW I8 hybrid supercar. The I8 has a motor that is not new to many of us. It is is a hybrid gasoline electric motor that has amazing gas mileage and performance. Si this article would tie into the last type of motor that i wanted to talk about and also why car enthusiasts should not be worried about the future.

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