Tuesday, May 3, 2016

College vs. High School: Which one is harder

Being close to completing my second semester of college, I begun to compare college and high school, and have noticed that they are very different but in a surprising way. For starts college is a lot easier than I expected. Sure you get a good amount of papers to write but you don't get homework everyday , and if you do, then its due in two days. In high school you have homework every single night and its always due the next day. Another thing that i found to be interesting is that both college and high school are both stressful,but in different ways. In high school I was freaking out about my grades, getting work done on time, and AP Tests. In college I feel i have more time to worry about school so school work is not as stressful but what is stressful is the whole financial aspect of college. Applying for FAFSA and filling out all the paper work for every semester and trying to figure out what the financial offices still need has given me such a headache that no amount of ibuprofen will help. In the end i'm glad i'm in college because I do feel less stressed out than I was in high school

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