Thursday, March 17, 2016

My reflection of my paper and my outline

My final paper was actually very similar to my outline. Most of my body paragraphs were moved around but for the most part the content that intended on including was in my final paper. One of the paragraphs i decided to change the content of it from explaining why E85 is the future fuel that we will use to why it should be good news for car enthusiast because it confirms the survival of the internal combustion engine. The other thing that was different was that i planned on having a fourth paragraph but decided to split that paragraph among the three main body paragraphs. in that fourth paragraph i intended to summarize why the power plants that i explained in my first three paragraphs would be the future of cars. I later decided that the paper would flow much better if i just explained at the end of each body paragraph why that engine would be the future of cars. Overall i was surprised on how close my outline and my final paper was because usually they are not that similar when i finish writing papers.

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